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Project Management

There are 3 possible levels of privileges for project members: read-only, read/write, and administration level. A project member can designate a real user or a group of developers. Both projects and groups may have unlimited number of members (every of which can be in turn a user or a group).

Git Wiki

Project wiki is based on Gollum — open wiki engine developed by GitHub. In fact, this is a full-function git repository which can be cloned, used offline, modified and pushed back to server, as if it were a usual source code. Convenient web editor allows to modify wiki online. Now information about your project will be never lost and will be always available for modifications in any editor!

Note: for private projects, wiki is accessible by project team only. Wiki of a public project can be read by everyone.



Lightweight task tracker

Every project may use a lightweight and simple task tracker. Labels and assignments will allow not to get lost in tasks, while convenient interface will allow to concentrate on a real work, not filling huge forms.