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About product rosa2016.1_plasma5

Extended Edition ROSA 2016.1 with Plasma 5 desktop and with non-free and restricted repositories

Build lists monitoring

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33060Build is cancelingrosa2016.1_plasma5
33061Build is cancelingrosa2016.1_plasma5
31185Build is cancelingrosa2016.1_plasma5
25133Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
25132Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
25149Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
25148Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
24581Build is cancelingrosa2016.1_plasma5
21800Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
20589Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5
17036Build is cancelingrosa2016.1_plasma5
19831Build completerosa2016.1_plasma5