ROSA-A-2014:1543New version 2.2.4. Build with mp4 and opus support. Update Russian translation. Restore select all panel button.
ROSA-A-2014:1542Fix VBR buffer overflow
ROSA-A-2014:1541New version 0.19. It adds NFS and SMB support and some other less important features
ROSA-A-2014:1540New version 2.4.10 Switch to GStreamer 1.0 API Switch to Eigen3 Various bugfixes
ROSA-A-2014:1539Adjust Emulators category usage (ROSA bug #4542)
ROSA-A-2014:1538New version 4.2.1
ROSA-A-2014:1537Move GNOME Shell extension out of main package
ROSA-A-2014:1536New version 1.0.1j. It fixes CVE-2014-3513, CVE-2014-3567 and CVE-2014-3568
ROSA-A-2014:1535New version 4.3.18
ROSA-A-2014:1534Fix video output, gstreamer1.0-gstclutter added