ROSA-A-2014:1573Update Russian translation
ROSA-A-2014:1572Build Qt5 version of QCA library
ROSA-A-2014:1571New version 1.4.7
ROSA-A-2014:1570efivar was updated to the latest upstream version.
ROSA-A-2014:1569New version 1.7.31
ROSA-A-2014:1568New version 0.9.10. It features new VBR export settings, video stabilizer, better look on high DPI screens and lots o...
ROSA-A-2014:1567Adjust typelib's Requires
ROSA-A-2014:1566New version 0.20.2. Some notable changes since 0.18.0: * Support for and Gallery 3 photo services added ...
ROSA-A-2014:1565New version Fixes ROSA bug #4423.
ROSA-A-2014:1564New version Fixes ROSA bug #4423.
ROSA-A-2014:1563Rebuild Clementine with new version of libechonest
ROSA-A-2014:1562New version 2.3.0
ROSA-A-2014:1561New version 2.0.3 with many bugfixes
ROSA-A-2014:1560New version 1.5.1. The included changes address several minor behavioral defects and a low-risk DoS security defect i...
ROSA-A-2014:1559New version 1.4.1
ROSA-A-2014:1558New version 1.4.6
ROSA-A-2014:1557Add patches from upstream to fix some issues with config saving
ROSA-A-2014:1556New version 4.8.2 with revised pulseaudio application.icon logic
ROSA-A-2014:1555A support of more features has been added: JPEG2000, OpenGL, SDL, Lua.
ROSA-A-2014:1554New package
ROSA-A-2014:1553New version 5.3.2 with new modules: enginio, quickwidgets and websockets
ROSA-A-2014:1552New package
ROSA-A-2014:1551New version 4.11.2
ROSA-A-2014:1550Build both python2 and python3 versions of sip
ROSA-A-2014:1549New maintenance version 2.3.5
ROSA-A-2014:1548New version 4.0.6 with complete Russian translation
ROSA-A-2014:1547New version 4.8.1. It prevents crash when Phonon fails to create the preferred backend
ROSA-A-2014:1546New version 4.4.0
ROSA-SA-2014:1545New version 2.10.10
ROSA-A-2014:1544Add python 3 package