ROSA-A-2014:1604EFI binaries are signed with ROSA private key to allow booting in Secure Boot mode.
ROSA-A-2014:1603Ported latest updates from upstream: 1. Fixed potential buffer overflow. 2. Fixed 32-bit build.
ROSA-A-2014:1602Fixes for UEFI and Secure Boot support.
ROSA-A-2014:1601New version 3.3.0
ROSA-A-2014:1600Fix search localization bug
ROSA-A-2014:1599New version 5.4.0
ROSA-A-2014:1598New version 2.5.4. It fixes vulnerability CVE-2014-2240 in the CFF driver. The library also contains a new round of p...
ROSA-A-2014:1597New version
ROSA-A-2014:1596Require virtual package bluepin instead of bluez-pin to avoid bluedevil replacing bluez-pin
ROSA-A-2014:1595Add virtual provides bluepin
ROSA-A-2014:1594Bug fixed: the EFI config file (/boot/efi/EFI/rosa/grub.cfg) generated incorrectly if /boot was located on a separate...
ROSA-A-2014:1593New version 2.0 final
ROSA-A-2014:1592Release ROSA Desktop Fresh R5
ROSA-A-2014:1591New version 340.58. Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels. Changelog: It adds support for the followin...
ROSA-A-2014:1590Release ROSA Desktop Fresh R5
ROSA-A-2014:1589Create sambashare group with proper GUID
ROSA-A-2014:1588Fix 2GB file limit on download
ROSA-A-2014:1587Release ROSA Desktop Fresh R5
ROSA-A-2014:1586Release ROSA Desktop Fresh R5
ROSA-A-2014:1585New bugfix version 3.0.2
ROSA-A-2014:1584New version 1.1. New package plasma-applet-touchpad and Russian translation were added.
ROSA-A-2014:15831. Now it's possible to skip bootloader installation if necessary (warning is displayed). 2. Fixed generating grub.c...
ROSA-A-2014:15821. EFI mode improvements for the future SecureBoot support: a) Generating config file: /boot/efi/EFI/rosa/grub.cfg...
ROSA-A-2014:1581Add systemtrayicon plugin support
ROSA-A-2014:1580New version 1.7.32
ROSA-A-2014:1579The kernel was updated to version 3.14.25, with lots of fixes all around
ROSA-A-2014:1578Fix samba-common post-install script
ROSA-A-2014:1577Returned debuginfo package (without sources yet)
ROSA-A-2014:1576New bugfix version 4.3.20. Uninstall DKMS module when main VirtualBox package in uninstalled
ROSA-A-2014:1574Backport patches from upstream to handle build suffix