ROSA-A-2015:1634New version 0.8.2
ROSA-A-2015:1633Re-work libpwquality package structure
ROSA-A-2015:1632New version 1.4.11, build it with systemd support
ROSA-A-2015:1631New version 1.12.2
ROSA-A-2015:1630Move PAM module out of library package, fix debug package
ROSA-A-2015:1629Split library out of the main package and properly name development package
ROSA-A-2015:1628Updated to
ROSA-A-2015:1627Various UEFI-related fixes.
ROSA-A-2015:1626Updated to the latest upstream release. Also added support for extended/logical partitions on MBR.
ROSA-A-2015:1625New version 2.3.6, it fixes various minor bugs
ROSA-A-2015:1624New bugfix version 3.0.2
ROSA-SA-2015:1623Update flash-plugin to latest
ROSA-A-2015:1622Moved advert installer images into separate DE-specific packages.
ROSA-A-2015:1621New version 10.0.15. It comes with new Mroonga storage engine plugin, various bugfixes and security updates
ROSA-A-2015:1620Backport some bugfix patches from upstream
ROSA-A-2015:1619New version 4.11.15. It fixes KDE bugs 321781 and 329375 plus few minor issues. This update also fixes some Russian l...
ROSA-A-2015:1618New version 4.14.4
ROSA-A-2015:1617Various minor improvements (working with systemd, Russian translation fix, fixed inability to run some tools by unpri...
ROSA-A-2015:1616Fixed XFdrake crash when started with 'monitor' or 'resolution' parameter (the latter comes also as alias Xdrakres) w...
ROSA-A-2015:1615Add Russian translation for deKorator configuration
ROSA-A-2015:1614Add Russian description for deKorator in decorator selection KCM module
ROSA-A-2015:1613New version 1.7.9. Fix PID file location. Remove Mandriva logo and label from the welcome page.
ROSA-A-2015:1612New version 1.0.1k. It's a security update (CVE-2014-3571, CVE-2015-0206, CVE-2014-3569, CVE-2014-3572, CVE-2015-0204...
ROSA-A-2015:1611New version 1.4.0. It comes with various new optimizations.
ROSA-A-2015:1610New version 2.73
ROSA-A-2015:1609When bootloader installation is skipped, generating the Grub2 config file anyway, so that update-grub2 from another s...
ROSA-A-2014:1608EFI binaries are signed with ROSA private key, so that shim was ready for signing by UEFI trusted authority and other...
ROSA-A-2014:1607EFI binaries are signed with ROSA private key to allow booting in Secure Boot mode.
ROSA-A-2014:1606Latest shim version signed by Microsoft to allow booting in Secure Boot mode and accepting EFI binaries signed by ROS...
ROSA-A-2014:1605EFI binaries are signed with ROSA private key, so that shim was ready for signing by UEFI trusted authority and other...