ROSA-SA-2015:1664Added KDE5 support to script used by rpmbuild to pack locales
ROSA-A-2015:1663ISO image build improvements.
ROSA-A-2015:1662Move dbus interfaces XML file from main to development package. Library package should only Suggest, not Require main...
ROSA-A-2015:1661New version 1.7.38
ROSA-A-2015:1660New version 6.0. It comes with BlueZ 5 native HSP (headset) support, better support for multichannel and 2.1 profiles...
ROSA-A-2015:1659New version 3.3.1
ROSA-A-2015:1658New version 5.4.1
ROSA-A-2015:1657New version 4.3.24
ROSA-A-2015:1656The final message dialog now also contains information about installing proprietary drivers.
ROSA-A-2015:1655Hide Social Desktop (kcm_attica) from KDE System Settings
ROSA-A-2015:1654Added 'nofail' option by default when mounting partitions.
ROSA-A-2015:1653Fixed chainloader command not working in Secure Boot mode (particularly, Windows might fail to boot from Grub menu); ...
ROSA-A-2015:1652Split libraries into own package to make it possible to install both 32 and 64 bit libraries
ROSA-A-2015:1651Properly name library and development packages
ROSA-A-2015:1650New version 4.3.22
ROSA-A-2015:1649Added bootloader option for linking os-probed systems instead of embedding them.
ROSA-A-2015:1648Support for creating linked menuentries for secondary systems.
ROSA-A-2015:1647Support for creating grub2 linked menuentries; some minor bugfixes.
ROSA-A-2015:1646New version 4.8.3 (fixes KDE #341296), build both Qt4 and Qt5 versions
ROSA-A-2015:1645Build Qt5 version of dbusmenu-qt
ROSA-A-2015:1644New version 3.17.3, it fixes CVE-2014-1569
ROSA-A-2015:1643New version 2.3.6
ROSA-A-2015:1642Add UTF-8 filenames support to vsftpd
ROSA-A-2015:1641Add Conflicts with Qt4 version for development package
ROSA-A-2015:1640Various minor fixes: 1. Disabled bootloader device selection in EFI mode: grub2 installer does not support it. 2. A...
ROSA-A-2015:1639Various minor fixes 1. Fixed installer warning message if no hard disks found. 2. Restored 'make backup' warning wh...
ROSA-A-2015:1638Properly name development packages
ROSA-A-2015:1637Fix a memory leak in polkit (apply upstream patch)
ROSA-A-2015:1636Add various security patches
ROSA-A-2015:1635Fix exported symbols clashes with glibc and other libs