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Zinnia is a simple, customizable and portable online hand recognition
system based on Support Vector Machines. Zinnia simply receives user
pen strokes as a sequence of coordinate data and outputs n-best
characters sorted by SVM confidence. To keep portability, Zinnia
doesn't have any rendering functionality. In addition to recognition,
Zinnia provides training module that allows us to create any hand-
written recognition systems with low-cost.

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bot: rpm5 -> rpm4 (9)

(9): Adopt spec for enabled byte compiling in Python

These automatic changes are done by scripts *rpm5-to-rpm4.sh at https://gitlab.com/abf-mirror/abf-mirror-scripts
The goal is to adopt specs for RPM 4 to which ROSA 2019.1 has migrated from RPM 5, but keep compatibility with RPM 5.
Details about migration are here: https://wiki.rosalab.ru/ru/index.php/Переход_ROSA_с_RPM_5_на_RPM_4
Contact m.novosyolov@rosalinux.ru in case of problems

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