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LibGGI is a fast, simple, small and flexible user-space graphics
library developed by the GGI Project .
It attempts to abstract the many different graphics output systems
existing under Unix (and in the future, other platforms). The support
for all of these different types of displays and hardware are provided
by dynamically-loaded mini-libraries.

LibGGI can transparently (to the LibGGI-using application) display
graphics on an X window, fbcon (Linux framebuffer driver), or the
glide library, through their respective graphics drivers, or targets.
There are also some other targets which display through another
target, such as multi to display simultaneously on multiple displays
at once, and tile to tile your display to different monitors.

LibGGI supports acceleration of graphics primitives where possible.

LibGGI is a very generic piece of software, that will run on about
every platform that has remotely heard of POSIX (ports to other systems
such as Win32 are underway) and on many display subsystems.

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