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The gnome-games package includes games for the GNOME GUI desktop environment.
They include:

AisleRiot A compilation of seventy different solitaire card games.
Ataxx Disk-flipping game where players try and control most disks.
Four-in-a-row Players tries to make a line of four disks. (Connect Four)
Iagno GNOME version of the popular Othello (R) chess.
Klotski A series of sliding block puzzles.
Lines Move balls around the grid to form lines of the same colour
to make them disappear, while more balls keep dropping in.
Mahjongg Remove tiles in matching pairs from a pile to dismantle it.
Mines The popular logic puzzle minesweeper.
Nibbles Pilot a worm around a maze trying to collect diamonds.
Robots Classic BSD robots game, avoiding robots approaching you.
Same GNOME In a grid of stones of different colors, try remove stones
where two or more of the same colour touch each other.
Tali Poker-like dice game without money, similar to Yahtzee.
Tetravex A puzzle where you match tiles edges together.
GLChess Chess with a 3D board.
Lights Off Turn off all the lights.
Swell Foop Clear the screen by removing groups of colored and shaped tiles
Quadrapassel Tetris clone.


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